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Solar Surface and Borehole Pumps

Solar is one of those products that we get a lot of enjoyment out of installing. Nothing satisfies us more than seeing water flowing out of a bore, stream or dam under solar generated electricity. Our low cost, high quality systems are currently performing well in all conditions across southern and central NSW. 

We are giving away in conjunction with Grundfos Pumps, Coleman camping equipment to the value of $600 for the first 10 (ten) solar pumps purchased.

solar pumps

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Supplying water from sources located away from fixed power supply is a constant problem facing many land holders. However, by introducing solar energy powering surface mounted or submersible pumps to the problem, it is now far more efficient.

Ranging from flows of 10,000 – 35,000L/Day and with the ability to generate up to 120m head our combination of Grundfos pumps, controllers and locally sourced solar panels creates enormous flexibility in specifying suitable systems for any need.

Our Darling Irrigation team can discuss and investigate your water supply requirements with you to design a solar pumping system based to suit your individual needs.

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