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Pipelines are the veins and arteries of any water system; carrying water to and from various locations, often under pressurised control.

Reliable and well constructed pipelines are absolutely critical in water management as they typically connect a reservoir or dam to a water treatment plant and then, through pumping stations, the pressurised water is transported to where it is needed.

Pipelines are also required in water recycling systems where the untreated wastewater or stormwater is first collected, aggregated and moved through treatment processes until it is transported to storage and then to where it is needed.

Darling Irrigation's track record in water supply pipeline systems is rapidly positioning the business as a growing force in this sector of the market. 

State government, local councils and water groups are turning to Darling Irrigation for design and construction of pipeline projects for irrigation schemes, emergency water systems, irrigation, wastewater transportation, stormwater storage and mains water supply.

Using quality, Australian made pipeline products, combined with pumps and pumping stations, irrigation solutions, trenching and poly welding services, Darling Irrigation provides civil water users with a "one stop" supplier for their water supply pipeline projects.